Web.com Coupon Codes

This mega rock star web hosting company has big shoes to fill because of their incredible domain name. And fill those shoes they do with their incredible web hosting company. As you are about to learn, there are many reasons to like Web.com and the hosting services that they provide. Some of our favorite things about them include:

  • excellent shared hosting plans
  • top level customer support
  • excellent website uptime percentages
  • many great additional features

We will now take a look at this company in greater detail so you can better understand them and get to know what they’re all about.

Hosting Plans from Web.com

As far as hosting plans go, Web.com has three different types of Windows and Linux-based shared hosting plans to offer. The name of their hosting packages is as follows: Essential Hosting, Professional Hosting, and Premier Hosting.

The Essential Hosting plan retails for $5.95 per month and they also have an annual plan. This plan provides 100 email addresses to the user and it also includes 300 GB worth of storage.

The Professional Hosting plan, which is their mid-level plan, retails for $7.95 per month and they too offer an annual payment plan as well. With this plan, the user receives as many as 500 email accounts as well as 500 gigs of storage space.

The Premium Hosting package is quite powerful and retails for $9.95 per month as well as offers an annual payment plan if you prefer to pay once a year at a discount. As their best plan, Web.com really went above and beyond with this option and provides 1000 email addresses and unlimited storage space for such a low price.

Remember, each one of these plans is currently a shared hosting plan. The company does not offer VPS hosting, dedicated servers, or WordPress hosting packages.

Is It Easy to Build a Website with Web.com Hosting?

Unlike many hosting service providers, Web.com actually has a website builder built into the hosting service. They’ve aptly named their builder Neo, and it makes it really easy to choose the perfect color scheme and design for your personal or business website.

Not only is the website builder simple to use, but it’s easy to upload and edit website content on-the-fly. They make it simple for you to add new pages and images to your existing content, and it even has a spellcheck feature for those who are worried about their spelling.

Hosting Uptime

Next, I wanted to discuss the impressive uptime that this hosting company boasts. As a website owner, you know that uptime is the most important aspect that any hosting service provider has to offer. If your website is down for any reason, customers and clients will not be able to purchase your products and services. And they may disappear forever.

It’s important to know that Web.com hosting uptime has been thoroughly tested, and the ultimate result say that this service is quite stable. This means that your website will be up and running all the time and you have nothing to worry about.

Do yourself a favor and take advantage of Web.com hosting immediately if you’re looking for a new shared hosting provider.