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In the hosting world, there is one forum community that makes it easy to find information about the latest hosting news as well as unbiased reviews and tutorials in relation to all things web hosting. As a matter of fact, this humongous forum community currently boasts more than 150,000 posts on more than 2750 threads. As you can see, this is a very active community in the web hosting world.

As you are about to learn in greater detail, there are a couple of different types of memberships for the average person or corporation to take advantage of. I will now take a detailed look at the different membership options and explain some of the benefits of each choice.

WebHostingTalk.com Forum

Web Hosting Talk Premium Membership

At Web Hosting Talk, they offer their customers a premium membership for $49.99 per year that has a wide range of excellent benefits.

The biggest benefits of taking advantage of the premium membership include the following:

  • gain access to forum posts geared to specific industry announcements
  • store as many as 1000 private messages
  • ad forum posting wait time is reduced to every six days
  • gain access to the premium and corporate member forums
  • receive the premium membership badge

Web Hosting Talk Corporate Membership

As a corporate member, you’ll gain access to even more incredible features that the Web Hosting Talk website has to offer. The biggest benefits to becoming a corporate member include the following:

  • ad forum posting wait time is reduced to every three days
  • gain the ability to store as many as 1000 private messages
  • gain access to the corporate and premium membership area on the forum
  • receive the premium membership badge
  • gain the ability to create unlimited user accounts
  • receive a $100 discount for the HostingCon Global Full Conference Pass
  • gain access to an incredibly powerful keyword alert tool

The pricing structure is much different than the premium membership, and as a corporate member you’ll have to pay quite a bit more to gain access to these wonderful benefits.

If you pay on a quarterly scale, the price is $450 per quarter. If you pay on a biannual scale by making a payment every six months, the price to gain access to this membership is $825 paid twice per year. And finally, the best deal is if you pay annually and the membership costs $1440.

The Web Hosting Talk Mission

Every great company has a mission that they attempt to accomplish and Web Hosting Talk is no different. Their mission is simple and consists of the following:

  • As an industry leader, they work hard to provide the most accurate and comprehensive information available about website hosting.
  • Do everything that they can to enhance the user experience through the evolution of their website.
  • Provide guests and members with an environment that everyone will enjoy.
  • Helps to promote goodwill between web hosting providers and their customers.
  • Helps forum participants understand their hosting provider choices better and helps them determine the right option to meet their needs.

Visit the Web Hosting Talk community today to join as a premium or corporate member.

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