WebFaction Sells Hosting For Developers

At WebFaction, they have all you require in a single place. This is a high-octane hosting center for developers. In other words, it’s not for the lay person, the blog writer, or even for firms running company websites. This is the code writer’s web host and among the top choices if your budget is tight.

What They Offer

At WebFaction, you get CPUs that work quickly, SSD storage at the enterprise level, and a network that’s state-of-the-art. Servers are pre-installed and created with CentOS7 not to mention numerous other tools, packages, and features.

These include Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Git, Python, and PHP. The team is always watching monitors for performance and to ensure security is up to speed. They not only activate security patches where necessary but WebFaction also backs up servers and adds the latest versions of system tools.

Customers are provided with shell access so they can manage their databases and files. Install tools of your own choice via your personal account. Many applications require one click such as Node.js and WordPress. WebFaction is fully customizable if you know how. Then again, we did say they were for developers.

Email hosting is part of your account no matter which plan you sign up for. Receive secure Webmail, IMAP, etc. with spam filters plus MySQL and PostgreSQL database hosting. Support is provided by staff who are easy to talk to and also understand your system, so they can truly help answer your questions or solve your problems. We’ll talk a bit more about that in a minute.

WebFaction has set up servers in the United States, Singapore, and Amsterdam. They already host more than 200,00 apps. Setup time for dedicated servers is just one hour.

Plans from WebFaction

There are 6 plans: one shared and the other five Cloud plans. They offer from 1 GB to 24 GB and cost from $10 to $240 monthly. Enjoy use of a maximum of 8 CPU Cores and a top SSD storage area of 360 GB. Bandwidth is 1 TB to 5 TB.

All plans are fully managed by WebFaction. Load balancing is supplied. A free trial is available, so there is nothing to lose by trying them out as you develop and consider launching a new app. Migration service is available if you are currently with another hosting service provider.

What Experts Say

WebFaction, founded in 2006, is one of the top-ten developer hosting sites for 2016 and a great choice if you like the option of using basic, pre-installed servers but also customizing with some of your own features. Reviews suggest that services are not as extensive as some others, but that’s to start with.

One can add to system for additional costs, installing custom script language, for example. Instead of cPanel, WebFaction uses a control panel they designed and built with everything cPanel has plus more. This has its pros and cons given that one will need to unlearn cPanel, the most common control panel, and learn something new. Users say the WebFaction control panel is user-friendly.

Usually, clients of shared hosting don’t have access to servers or Application Program Interface (API) but they’ve got it here.

Access to Staff

There is no live chat, no phone number; just an email address for ticketed requests. That means you go into a queue and questions are answered in numerical order as per the ticket number, not the seriousness of a client’s problems. Otherwise, a public forum invites more direct, immediate conversation between clients who can potentially help each other answer questions and between clients and staff when staff is online.

I’m not sure how the “friendly, accessible employees” comment comes into play when one cannot simply call; maybe they call the client. Most firms stress 24/7 customer service and this is one of the few that doesn’t.