Most people who use the computer, regardless of their comfort with the internet, know how to operate Word. They write documents, letters, resumes, recipes, and more using this relatively simple program knowing it can also be used to create complex results even if they don’t use all tools available to them.

Weebly is an open-source content creation and management system which enables consumers to build websites for free using a similar format to Word. If you can drag and drop or click and create, you can use Weebly.

weebly.comWeebly’s Web

Create a web with which to capture the attention of shoppers or readers by building a website. No successful business or cause can do without a web presence and Facebook doesn’t always provide all that a landing page can.

How do businesses and not-for-profit companies draw attention to themselves? They build sites which provide visual stimulation. They attach video and audio attractions. There’s text where needed. Their websites create a theme, a mood, and support an idea which they flesh out in words.

How to Build a Website

Let’s take that further. How do you create a mood or tone? Well, if this is to be a wordy academic site, the professional look is best with minimal color, standard fonts, and a linear structure.

Headings and sub-headings will be minimal as will images unless the academic subject has a lot to do with visual arts. Neutral colors, even basic black and white, are all you need.

Professionals require a similar approach but not as stark. Whether you are promoting a service or a product, customers want to see images. They look for pictures of CEOs, experts on staff, and examples of work completed.

There should be a minimum of fussy, fancy elements but the creator will supply a sophisticated aesthetic by using themes, fonts, and colors that are bold and confident but not loud.

Toy stores and candy shops make joyful announcements full of bounce and light, their fonts soft and bubbly; with accents in grape-soda purple and maraschino-cherry red.

A memoir is often touched with earthly tones and pictures feature borders, as though framed on the writer’s wall. You can achieve all of these using templates from a website-building site.

At Weebly, consumers select a theme from the many on offer. They go to the website-building page and put a structure together: where to place pictures, how big to make them, how to divide them from each other and text, and where to apply captions.

A side bar on the Weebly page-building page shows features which can be added, besides pictures, such as audio, video, maps, and headings. Use these tools to include a comment or search box; a contact form or link. There is a great YouTube video which goes through the whole process.

When You’re Done

Take a look at what you have created. Are images and words spaced as you want them? Should anything be underlined, highlighted, made bold, or italicized? Could you benefit from a splash of color or a border?

Once everything has been managed as you want it from what Weebly has to offer, you can publish the page. There are two ways to publish: become a sub-domain of Weebly or create your own, paid domain name.

Domain Differences

A domain is your URL. If this remains a Weebly sub-domain, Weebly has control over your page. That might not cause significant problems or it could make a big difference to the success of a marketing strategy; you don’t know until you try.

Creating and owning your own domain name costs money, though, while there is no cost to create a website and post it to a sub-domain. Three monthly hosting fee schedules are broken down according to extra services provided within each one.

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