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Here are the Wix Website Builder promotions and coupon codes when available that can be used with their premium plans.

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WIX Free Web Design

There is nothing as powerful in commerce as the word “free.” It has the power to motivate, but inspires suspicion. How can anything good be free and what’s the real cost? There’s nothing hidden at WIX; everything is out in the open. You can use WIX to design a website for no charge or try paid-for programs instead. It’s up to you but this really is an opportunity to explore what “free” can get you.

Online for Everyone

Open Source programming is at the heart of a movement that wants to bring everyone online. Between WordPress, WIX, and other free services, it won’t be long before everyone and their great-grandmother will be able to access the web so easily the family dog could figure it out. That’s the whole idea; open it up to everyone. Until a few years ago, the internet appeared to be this encrypted, scary world. Open Source changes all that.

WIX is a part of that revolution, introducing the easiest ways to access millions of global web users without sacrificing the professional touch that, at one time, only professional web designers could offer.

No Limits

WIX promises that you really can build any sort of site. Create a beauty-related page or direct consumers to your new restaurant. Post a blog or start an e-commerce site. With the paid-for add-ons, too, there are even more ways to personalize the page, but free templates and numerous themes provide enough choice for a lot of consumers.

And that lack of money changing hands doesn’t limit the availability of service either: obtain support whatever part of the world you are in. Customer service and WIX offices are located in the Ukraine, Brazil, America, Lithuania, Germany, and Israel. Maybe that accounts for why more than 90 million customers use WIX services in almost 200 countries; a huge amount of growth from the roughly 1 million users just 7 years ago.

How It Works

So, you must be wondering what it looks like to create a website without code. If you have ever used a template on Word, you might recall how items could be dragged into place and dropped onto a page such as internet clip art, text from another page, or personal photos. That’s the way WIX does it.

They provide more than 500 templates designed by real people. Their apps and other features boost the customizable element of this service, and even some of those are free. Examples include calendars, hit counters (how many people have visited a site), badges, contact forms, and social media “share” icons.

Founders of WIX

This innovative system came to be as a result of three people’s ideas and skills: Avishai Abrahami, Giora Kaplan, and Nadav Abrahami. The story goes that it started on a beach when the trio, who share a passion for technology, realized how difficult it is to start a website. There was so much work, money, and frustration involved. That’s when they decided it had to be easier and, if it could be easier for them, website building could be easier for everyone.

How They Make It a Business

No one makes a living out of sitting on the beach. Nor is there profit in giving stuff away all the time. WIX, however, is a company and as such they have to make money somehow. Choose them as your website-building platform and it’s a natural next step to also use other WIX services.

Register a domain name. Sign up for web hosting services. When you don’t pay for services, WIX ads will pop-up on your website and that’s a standard feature; the cost of getting something for nothing. Remove those ads by signing up for one of their plans: from the second package up to their highest. The cheapest one costs about $5 monthly. Also check for the promo code when available, which we have at the top of this page.