Back in 2003 a blogging platform got its lowly start. Known as WordPress, few people knew about this simple program or how to use it. In 2003, ownership of personal computers was not as widespread; handheld technology was still in its early stages of development.

Most consumers had not even heard of blogging, let alone tried to create a blog or a website of their own. These days, “blog” is a well-known noun and “blogging” is a recognized verb in the modern lexicon, thanks in no small part to WordPress. Some writers even make a living out of their blogs.

Wordpress.orgWhat Is WordPress?

Today, millions of people use WordPress to create websites and blog pages. Its original use as a blogging platform has been expanded because WordPress, as an open-source medium, has also expanded, thanks to the code-writing skills of community members.

These individuals continue to increase what you can do with WordPress and enable those who don’t know how two write code to make the most of this system.

Even if you only know how to drag, drop, and click, there is a WordPress theme out there for your website and an easy site-building system used by thousands of people worldwide.

Members and users come from all types of business, educational, and private backgrounds. They run not-for-profit organizations, hotels, media channels, huge corporations, and grass-roots businesses.

Their backgrounds and audiences are diverse, speak numerous languages, and WordPress is keeping up with their diversity. Even as new CMS programs emerge, they are having a difficult time catching up to and competing with WordPress.

What to Do with WordPress

If you want to get a blog or a website off the ground but don’t feel technically confident, WordPress is the best Content Management System (CMS) to choose short of hiring a website building professional. That would cost lots of money while WordPress offers a website building service for free.

There is no fee required to build a website on WordPress, but it won’t go anywhere without some kind of outlay. Costs get involved when you choose a web host and pay those monthly fees, but that’s later; perhaps hours or days down the road. Start with building a serviceable page.

The website building platform comes with several themes which help you to organize materials, both visual and written. Place items in boxes of particular sizes or create a more blended look where nothing is truly framed.

Build a professional-looking structure with color accents or one which is mostly black and white. Varied themes have accommodated legal companies, universities, toy shops, and recipe blogs. Motifs and suggested structures have been put to use for wedding pages and baby journals; special, short-term projects of all kinds.

Additional Information

How did WordPress websites come to dominate the industry so fully? It’s easy to use and they can now accommodate plug-ins and widgets. In other words, what you start with is the basic idea but it can be expanded.

In fact, WordPress encourages you to make more of your page by adding links to other functions. They will be plugged right into your web page. Examples include an SEO plug-in which helps you improve search engine ranking, contact forms for inviting clients to contact you via email, and comment forms encouraging people to share their views about something you have posted.

There are error redirection plug-ins, analytics, security, and many other additional features that will enhance your site. When you know what your website will become (a communication portal or an information source), it becomes clearer which of these additions will be of most use.

Ideas People

WordPress is run and enlarged by computer users with big ideas. There are jobs at WordPress and formal positions, but the community runs this system for the rest of the community and users can have their say.

For example, the “ideas” section is where community members post ideas they would like to see implemented in future versions of WordPress. Votes are taken for a period of time and then tallied. Whichever idea garners the most ideas is the winner and will be featured in the next update.

Ideas are categorized. Classifications include editing, comments, media, and performance. Next to each one, you can see how many ideas have been posted and get a sense of what the community is most interested in. The sub-headings above are some of the most popular.

WordPress Showcase

Not sure yet if WordPress is right for you? Go to the showcase. This is a display of other websites currently on the internet which were formed out of WordPress themes, plug-ins, and widgets. You could be surprised by the array seen here such as Walt Disney, Clorox, and Vogue.

On the left you will see a sidebar which highlights the types of sites you can go looking for according to their tags. These include entertainment, business, education, and technology. If your idea fits into one of these categories too, then this is a good place to look for a model and to gain some ideas without actually copying what someone else has already done.

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