What would you say to working with a web hosting company with awards to its name for being one of the best and fastest the industry has to offer?

What if you didn’t have to sacrifice a thing in order to obtain these services?

That’s the scoop at A2 Hosting where clients secure the top server speeds as well as the hosting plans most desirable to today’s customers and customer service agents are on the line 24 hours a day.

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Enviable Position

A2 says they are the “envy of the industry” with their various awards for speed and reliability, but that’s not what matters to them.

They didn’t start the business in 2003 in order to put those labels on their website, although they don’t hurt A2’s image one bit (or one GB in this world).

A2 would do what they do with or without accolades because it is their customer’s impressions that matter, not those of industry writers.

The people behind this firm think A2 tops the web hosting charts because of speed.

Clients become understandably frustrated by slow loading speed, something that can really drop a client’s website from the top of page one to second or third page when customers go searching for something.

Readers have no patience and are suspicious of a site that loads slowly. They jump ship pretty fast, but not if your page is hosted by A2 Hosting.

How do they do it?

How does A2 consistently improve customers’ SEO positioning?

They do so with their Turbo Server which causes their customers’ sites to load as much as 20 times faster than other hosts’ can manage.

Add zero downtime on customer service and a record of 99.9% uptime to the mix and A2 looks pretty good.

Consider their commitment to reforestation and to running a 100% carbon neutral business and suddenly it’s hard to imagine any company that could possibly do things better.

Their green efforts include re-using hardware and encouraging telecommuting in order to limit the demands of running a center with heating, lighting, coffee machines, etc.

A2 Hosting is BBB-accredited with an A+ rating.

Services from A2 – Coupon Codes Available

Every possible web hosting plan is listed at A2 Hosting and available with a coupon.

They offer VPS, Reseller, Shared, Cloud, and Dedicated plans to meet the needs of a huge spectrum of clients and websites.

They can offer you something small for a little blog where the writer might talk nostalgically about living on a farm or his parenting experiences.

Readership for these nostalgic and personal articles could be just a few hundred monthly.

They offer services for moderate-sized companies with $10,000 monthly turnover and a small online shopping page.

Their dedicated servers accommodate big business: firms employing hundreds of people with lofty demands coming from traffic, e-commerce, and data storage.

Their flexibility allows A2 Hosting to provide some sort of plan no matter what you can afford to pay, as seen at

Cloud Hosting With Promo Codes

A lot of people regard this as the future: hosting that is not reliant on hardware and server redundancy but a system that provides scalable programs.

These are great when a firm has plans to share hosting but has every intention to grow.

The SwiftServer Platform supplies quick SSDs and much faster loading than physical servers: up to 300% faster, in fact.

You can even turn off your program and use only the resources you need. You can get all of this with an A2 Hosting discount.

Dedicated Hosting With Discount

Secure managed or unmanaged hosting for your dedicated service.

Prices start at just under $100 per month for 8 GB RAM of storage, 10 TB of transfer, Intel 3.1, and the usual amazing speed.

Obtain a managed program for just over $140 each month.

You receive a free cPanel Control Panel plus the items above.

Dedicated systems ensure only your surge in traffic matters and doesn’t cause an overloaded server and unexpected downtime.

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