Who or what is Arvixe?

This web hosting company from California came into being in 2003 since which time the firm has hosted thousands of clients’ websites of all sizes, both professional and personal in nature.

Their websites have focused on business and non-profits; education and eCommerce.

Arvixe has received awards and is growing quickly according to some experts in the field; faster than most.

Right now if you visit their website they look so small and unsophisticated, getting right down to business in a way few comparable companies care to do.

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Arvixe Hosting & Coupons

Arvixe considers their services reliable, affordable, and high-quality, thanks to a combination of strong management and employee care.

They appear to cut some of their costs by running a low-profile site without any frills.

People want to work within this framework and feel that they matter more than money, but there is still structure to the day-to-day demands of staff.

It’s the perfect combination of knowing what to expect day by day under a management that’s prepared to be flexible nonetheless.

In this way Arvixe follows in the footsteps of many tech companies big and small, from Dreamhost web hosting to Google.

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Linux Shared Web Hosting

This is among the most popular hosting methods consumers want when they start a blog page or website in Joomla, WordPress, and similar formats.

That’s why Linux shared hosting is the focus of Arvixe, but what is it?

According to experts, Linux is mostly a website hosting system blending types of software ideal for open source use.

These are also known for their affordability.

Upload files and interpret information in a user-friendly way.

Supporters consider Linux to be secure, with a lot of uptime, and easy to use.

It’s not difficult to backup your data using tools already on the site.

Administration and applications are simple but Linux facilitators are also there to supply support.

You should understand computers more than the average person does to make the platform work to its full capacity though.

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Four Classes of Personal Hosting

These are all “Personal,” but there is also the Personal Pro, and two ASP types of hosting.

Personal and Personal Pro are the first two at Arvixe for Linux Shared Web Hosting and they work on Mac or PC. Disk space and data transfer are unlimited. You get 6 domains with the first but as many as you want from Personal Pro as well as a lifelong domain name in either case.

The cost for a basic personal plan starts at $4 monthly; just add $3 for the Pro subscription above or more to enlarge your package.

Your server will be located in the United States. Softaculous Script Installer, $100 towards a Google Adwords campaign in the US or Canada, and a voucher of the same value for Yahoo/Bing (US only) could be included.

There are lots of other features like compatibility with certain software such as Dreamweaver and Adobe GoLive. Several aspects of the page are managed as part of the monthly fee.


This is your Active Server Page which is rerouted through a system which allows you to do more with the Personal package.

Again, choose Personal or Personal Pro for no limits to disk space or the transfer of data on a monthly basis.

There’s the same set up with domains as above, a website control panel demonstration, no end to the number of domain aliases and subdomains one can access, and the same compatibility plus FTP accounts.

Custom error pages and Daily R1Soft Backups are included with a File Manager and Remote IIS management.

Customers receive POP3 or IMAP email boxes and autoresponders but prices start a little higher than $4.

Reseller Class

What matters most to a reseller? Maybe it’s the Network/Data Center services from Arvixe like DDoS Attack Response, Secured Entrance/Exit, and Network Monitoring.

Arvixe provides Reseller clients with Brute Force Detection and Security Updates on a nightly basis.

They also receive a lot of statistics software to help them follow traffic data.

VPS Hosting

This service is managed but does not supply the Unlimited Disk Space of a Personal or Personal Pro plan. Receive 50GB or 100GB according to your plan and 1.5GB or 3GB of memory. CPU cores are 4 or 8 and receive two IP addresses under either class of terms. A cPanel/WHM Control Panel is included.

Final Words about Arvixe

It’s been common when researching website hosts to discover they are rich with abbreviations, technical language: jargon essentially.

They aren’t easy to read if you don’t know this business well and it would serve a person well to send the most technically savvy person in his company (or his 15-year-old son or daughter) to find out more on his behalf before arranging a monthly plan. That’s a frustrating part of trying to get ahead over the internet.

The website is basic with a lack of engaging introductory text, yet more information than usual, broken down into a comparison-friendly format.

In fact, their services are the most transparent but the most specific too. If you don’t like Linux, it’s clear right away that Arvixe is for other people.

At least the company is clear about the Linux connection, but I’d like to know more about Arvixe.

Probably visiting their social media pages would provide information about who they are.

Affiliates of Arvixe & Coupon Codes

Hiring web hosting services costs money. Make some of that money back by signing on as an affiliate for Arvixe. Joining is free and you don’t need to be a tech-savvy person.

Their pay-outs are considered among the industry’s highest, but you earn based on the number of sales you send their way. The monthly breakdown starts at up to 6 sales, then up to 12, as many as 19, and beyond with higher payouts per sale as you go.

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